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Hello and welcome to Good Earth Yoga where a celebration of life, creativity, and all things good is used to empower and strengthen individuals and their participation in a global yoga community.

Whether in times of pain, stress, and frustration or joy, self-improvement, and victory the only moment we have is the present. Through breath, movement, and mindful meditation yoga offers us the opportunity to regain awareness, alleviate anxiety, triumph through illness, and find balance in our daily activities.

Regardless of your socioeconomic, religious, or ethnic background, yoga is a global philosophical practice that incorporates physical postures and meditation encouraging individuals to regain freedom on their own terms.  If you can breathe, you can practice yoga! So why not begin your journey today?

Join Good Earth Yoga and thrive on a journey that will increase awareness, encourage a healthy path beyond physical limitations, and honor what is most important to YOU!


Jeff Payton & Matthew Shaffer


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